Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three Series to Try Out This Wednesday: Non-Player #1, Green Wake #1, and Herc #1

Each Wednesday I'm going highlight three series that just aren't being given enough attention by my fellow readers in the hope that some of you will expand your horizons, pick up an issue (or book) and find a new favorite!

This week is a big week for comics as a ton of series are launching, not the least of which is the debut of Marvel's new event Fear Itself.  It's gotten some pretty positive reviews, so it might be worth checking out.  But, I'm going to recommend that you check out three other series making their inaugural debuts this Wednesday in Non-Player, Green Wake,  and Herc!

Non-Player #1
Writer: Nate Simpson
Artist: Nate Simpson 
Price: $2.99

To anyone who has seen the GORGEOUS preview pages, picking up this book for just the visuals alone looks to be worth the price of admission.  However, the story has also been garnering some pretty positive buzz as well.  The story splits its focus between the main character travails in the futuristic cyperpunk world of tomorrow and the in-game shenanigans of what looks like a very involved World of Warcraft.  If it's as good as fellow "gamer" comic Skullkickers, I think we''ll be in  for a real treat.  I just hope it doesn't fall victim to my impossibly high expectations at this point.  Though with everyone from Bleeding Cool to CBR to Geof Darrow to Moebius practically tripping over themselves to heap praise on this book, I think there's a good chance you'll like what's inside.

Green Wake #1
Writer: Kurtis Wiebe
Artist: Riley Rossmo
Price: $3.50

Another series from Image making its debut is Green Wake.  From Kurtis Wiebe (Intrepids) and Riley Rossmo (Proof), this series has got some decent indie cred to back it up.  What we know about the series is that a series of grisly murders leads to dark secrets being unraveled about a small town.  The creators have described it as "horror-noir."  Frankly, I've been on a bit of a scary/creepy story kick and this looks to be just the thing to tide me over until the next Locke & Key collection drops.  The one early review I've seen (via CBR) was overflowing with praise for it, so I can't wait to pick this up and try it out.   Rossmo looks to be changing up his style ever so slightly for the series, but it still looks to be spot on in these preview pages and dripping with creepy.

Herc #1
Writers: Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente
Artists:  Neil Edwards & Scott Hanna
Price: $3.99

I loved Marvel's  Incredible Hercules.  So much so that I named my blog after a SFX from one of the issues.   The series struggled through a few minis, (Chaos War, Prince of Power) but it looks to have relaunched into a new ongoing.  The same writing team that made magic before is back at it again, though based on the preview for this series, they seem to be heading into grittier, more grounded territory.  It's a departure from their previous run, but they still seem to be maintaining the respect for mythology and essence of Herc's character that made their last run so memorable and enjoyable.  Marvel seems to be on a new series abortion spree lately, so give this book all the support you can muster and then some!  I want at least three arcs out of this and we may even get to see the return of Ares (teased by Lente and Pak in interviews).

Those are my recommendations.  What are you guys looking forward to this week dear readers?

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