Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dissecting the Teaser Spread in ASM #654.1

Well, aside from copious hammer teasers for Fear Itself, Marvel's been letting loose with the Spidey teasers.  Courtesy of the friendly people at Bleedingcool, we have a nice look at the two page spread in ASM #654.1 that foreshadows a lot of coming events for Mr. Parker.
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Of course, as with any juicy teaser like this, it's time for some baseless speculation!  I broke down the two pages and cleaned them up, so let's have a look and see what we can't come up with?
Not too many surprises here
Taking a look at the first page, numbers correspond with numbered panels in the scan:

1.  Nice splash shot showing the three teams Spidey's going to be on for the foreseeable future: Fantastic Four, New and adjectiveless Avengers. Only things to note are that it appears Shang-Chi is joining one of the teams (Probably New).  I don't know of anyone else who fits the description of the guy with the white headband.
2.  Looks like we're going to get more of everyone's favorite monochromatic villain, Mr. Negative.  If I had to guess, it seems Brock has figured out that Negative was the one responsible for his transformation into Anti-Venom and perhaps came seeking revenge.
3. Spider-man in space!  Can't quite make out the two people he's with, but one resembles Cable and the other could possibly be Paper Doll?  Your guess is as good as mine here as few of the options make sense.

This page is just full of crazy
If the second page is indicative of Slott's future on the title, there's going to be some insane ideas being made into story.

4. Spider-Mary Jane has arrived!  Odds-on favorite is that it's a dream sequence, but perhaps Peter accidentally does something in the process of trying to regain his Spider-sense.
5.  Ah, the final reveal of just who is in the 7th lab at Horizon.  Obviously, it someone Peter knows, but I'm thinking it's probably going to be Max Modell.
6. Now this is a juicy panel.  Looks like Phil is going to reveal his secret identity to Norah and from the looks of things she's going to be his Harley Quinn.  Bet on Norah playing the angle on this one.
7. Another Sinister Six here it looks like.  Interesting that Flash-Venom is there.  Looking forward to him or Peter finding out the other's secret identity.  Also, I don't recognize the villain to the right of Sandman.  Could that possibly be Massacre from the solicits of 656?
8. Ah, a triumphant return of Doc Ock to Master Planner status.  Great shot of his tentacles wrapping around the globe there.

So, that's my speculation, what did you guys see here?  Looking forward to any teased moment in particular?

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