Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everything You Need To Know About The Thor Trailer

Well, that was a kickass trailer! For those of you who haven't seen it yet, I've embedded it below courtesy of Yahoo! movies.

Let's see what we can glean from this trailer. Annotations as follows

0:00-0:05 Thank you trailer people, I now know it is safe for viewing and won't devour my children.

0:06-0:12 Sweeping shot leading up to the New Mexico desert. That's probably Jane Foster's truck driving up, based on shots later in the trailer. We then see SHIELD agents examining an Asgardian symbol burned into the ground.

0:13-0:18 We see the back of Agent Coulson, talking to who we can assume is Nick Fury stating they've found Mjolnir.  We get some establishing shots of the containment facility built around the hammer.

0:19-0:27 Cue massive electrical tornado coming down from the heavens.  Probably the scene in which Thor is banished from Asgard.  We see a massive lightning bolt come down and we get our first look at Natalie Portman as Jane Foster videotaping the proceedings.  Driving into the storm they proceed to crash into Thor.

0:28-0:43 First encounter with Thor.  His accent's not too bad.  A bit comical, but it works in this situation.  Jane's friend threatens Thor with a taser and uses it to take down a man who channels lightning.  Not too much a of a leap to assume he's been pretty de-powered as a result of his banishment to Earth.

0:44-1:09 Cue the beefcake and studio roll.  Definitely could be worse ways to bring in the female audience.  Thor's definitely been de-powered as he's barely throwing people across a hospital room.  Thor clearly trying to adjust to fitting in.  Still can't figure out who Jane's cute, nerdy friend is.

1:10-1:17 Thor explaining how magic is merely an advanced for of science to Jane.  Note in his journal the drawing of the Nine Worlds and the World Tree, Yggdrasil.  Jane asks, "Who are you really?"

1:18-1:25 And now starts the part of the trailer all of the guys are waiting for. Thor kicks some Frost Giant ass.  Possibly some Dark Elves in there, some of the enemies seem a bit short for Frost Giants.  Thor is shown having complete mental control of his powers.  I think it's safe to say these Asgard bits happen prior to Thor coming to Earth and are part of the sequence of events to him being expelled.

1:26-1:36 Great establishing shot of Asgard.  Seems they're really trying to play up the whole "where magic is science angle with the design here, calling on both futuristic and classical elements for building architecture. First shot of Odin in armor holding his vaunted Spear or Gungnir

1:37-1:40 Looks like they're going the Loki taking revenge for his people route (Loki is only half-Asgardian).  Loki is shown holding Gungnir, so it's reasonable to assume he's taken Odin's throne by either force or guile.  Thor opposes and we see a big beam of energy come from Loki's staff.  Perhaps this is how he gets banished to Earth? Also, UGH at the blatant Dr. Pepper ad placement.

1:41-1:44 Enter the Destroyer armor and the painful 7-11 ad.  Guessing Loki is either inside or set it on its current destructive course.

1:44-1:45 First shot of the Warriors Three!  From left to right, we can see FandralVolstagg, and Hogun.

1:46-1:56 Thor versus Destroyer!  Looks like he hasn't gotten his Asgardian armor back yet and Mjolnir is still conspicuously absent.  Note the fire rising within the Destroyer before firing, almost assuredly confirming it being remotely controlled.

1:57-2:00 Back to the Asgardian conflict.  We see Thor going smashy on two separate things.  The first one (seen with Loki in the foreground) looks to be some golden glowing thing, possibly Odin's throne.  Next, we see the Rainbow Bridge going boom.  Looks like they went for the psychedelic highway look here.  The bridge boom blows Thor and Loki toward the camera.  I love Loki's horned helmet flying around.

2:01-2:11 A bunch of quick cuts between the fight with Frost Giants and the fight with the Destroyer armor.  At 2:04, we see our first look of Idris Elba as Heimdall. At 2:09, we see Thor fighting with Odin and we get another possible reason for banishment to Earth.  At 2:10, we see Thor fighting Destroyer, this time clad in Asgardian armor and wielding Mjolnir meaning he's gotten his weapons sometime during the fight.

2:12-2:13 Title roll.  Pretty sleek design.

2:14-2:24 Frost Giant leader warns of the weird mythical creature that's about to attack.  Not really sure what it is.  Looks like a cross between a cave troll from Lord of the Rings and an attack bear from Golden Compass.

2:25-2:29 In 3D! Yay! Not. Releases May 6th.  Only two months to wait!

So, any speculation on what the monster on the end is or who Jane's (Natalie Portman) friend is?  Tell me what you think and how liked the trailer in the comments below!


  1. It looks like her nerdy friend is actress Kat Dennings, however I am not certain.