Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top-Secret Spidey Event Stealthily Announced?

Reading through the just released Marvel solicits for May 2011, when I stumbled upon this solicit for Amazing Spider-man #660.

Written by DAN SLOTT
Pencils & Cover by STEFANO CASELLI
“Parental Supervision Required”
THIS ISSUE IS PACKED!!! The SINISTER SIX versus SPIDER-MAN and the FF… and by FF, we mean ALL of the Future Foundation! Know what’s not a good place for children, even super powered kids? A full-scale battle with the world’s deadliest super villains! It’s not “Bring Your Kids To Work” Day, not a field trip, and it’s definitely not a game! This is a high stakes battle and there’s no way it will end well….
You also get part 3 of the death-defying team up of Spider-Man and Ghost Rider by Rob Williams and Lee Garbett. And also this issue…our 2nd in a series of “Infested” preludes leading to this summer’s top secret Spidey event! Phew!
40 PGS./Rated A …$3.99

   Now, the solicit says that it's part 2 of this particular event lead-in.  However, going through April's solicitation yields no results in terms of the first part of this story.  Issue 662 also has an additional chapter of this prelude, but no further information beyond the fact Slott is writing and Emma Rios is pencilling.

  Moving beyond the initial mystery of why Marvel would just casually slip "by the way, summer Spidey event" into its May solicits without any fanfare, it's tough to speculate just what this storyline is about.  Infested hearkens back to JMS' infamous Other and Book of Ezekiel storylines, where Peter gains new "totemic" spider powers due to an apparent mystical connection with the Spider-god.  The storyline divided many fans of the title and I personally fell on the side of fans happy to see those new developments retconned away by the advent of Brand New Day.  Slott has shown no fear of bashing through fans' comfort zones in his title run recently (Getting rid of Kingsley, Montana, setting up Phil Uhrich as the anti-Peter Parker), so it'd be interesting to see where he would take this, if indeed that is the direction of the storyline.
   Another curious thing to notice is that this Spidey event seems to be set up to run concurrent to Marvel's Fear Itself mega-event.  From the teasers, it appears Spider-man will have a role of some weight in the mega-event, so it's odd they would throw him in two and divide/potentially confuse the reader base.

  Well, that's my baseless speculation quota for the day filled.  Do you have any predictions, thoughts, or links to news stories I may have missed?  Let me know in the comments!

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