Friday, February 18, 2011

Warren Ellis announces he's working on a new serial webcomic

Via Twitter, renowned writer Warren Ellis made this announcement today:

Now, to anyone who has followed his current web serial FreakAngels, this should come as an exciting announcement.  Together with artist Paul Duffield, FreakAngels is one of the most successful free serial webcomics out there, with a very devoted fanbase and deriving all or nearly all of its revenue from printed collections and merchandise.  With the veritable series ending in 19 episodes' time, it looks like Ellis is looking to start up a new venture.  Whether or not this will be another collaboration with Duffield has yet to be determined.

Are you excited?  Want to see more in the same vein as FreakAngels or want to see Ellis try a different tack this time around?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Update: Ellis wanted to reinforce that this is all in the planning stages and nothing concrete is officially announced.  Other then the fact he's, you know, planning it out.

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