Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Brick! Most successful Marvel villain organization of all time?

Possibly the most successful criminal undertaking of all time, the Brick has long been a menace to Marvel Universe heroes and their allies.  It's been around since the creation of the Marvel Universe, and yet, for some bizarre reason known only to the creators of the Marvel Universe, Earth's heroes have yet to bring this mortar-bound perpetrator of assault, murder, genetic experimentation, and hate crimes to justice!  To fully understand how deep the savagery of this nefarious organization goes, let's take a quick tour of its history.

The Brick has long been a brutal member of Spidey's rogues for decades now.  Just look at these crimes:

Unlawful Genetic Experimentation
He did kind of deserve it, wearing a lab
coat to a construction site and all.
Here, we see a group of bricks, or "wall" as they're colloquially known, emerge from their hiding places at a local construction site and trap a once happy high school student, experiment upon him and transform him into a hideous monstrosity in their own image.  The Brick has the audacity to play God with hapless teenagers and yet, no justice has been served.  Fortunately for the general Marvel Universe public, it appears the Brick's experiment failed spectacularly and the Brick soon abandoned its scientific ventures.

Murder of Captain George Stacy
We can also add child endangerment
to the list of charges.
In one of the Brick's more malicious acts, we can see an attack group or "rubble" mercilessly murder police captain George Stacy in cold blood.  Indeed, without the heroism of Captain Stacy, this particular "rubble" would have claimed the life of a defenseless child.  An attempted child murderer and the Brick gets away with it?  Truly a devious fiend.

Assault, Attempted Murder, and Malicious Homewrecking

This large form of Brick is sometimes
codenamed "Cinderblock"
While the last one not technically illegal, the Brick, working in tandem with Mephisto (also known as THE DEVIL HIMSELF), sets in motion a series of events that prevents Spider-man from marrying his main lover girl Mary-Jane.  First, the Brick assaults Spider-man in the head (a common attack pattern as you will soon see) and ruthlessly implicates a local hood in the attack.  To compound the crime, a few Bricks try to trip up the hood and send him hurtling to his death in an attempt to cover up their tracks.  Fortunately, the Arachnid hero was able to save the man's life, but was knocked unconscious for hours causing him to miss his own wedding and fulfilling the Brick's demonic mission.

Criminal Negligence
Truly a heartless group.
Here, we see a "wall" of Bricks stand by and allow Ms. Stacy to fall to her death.  It is unclear at this time if this particular wall was working in concert with the Green Goblin, but its Criminal negligence is at least enough to run it afoul of  New York's Good Samaritan laws.

The Brick has also been a longtime foe of the X-men, however its crimes are often motivated by hate and discriminatory biases in this area.  

Aggravated Assault and Hate Crimes
Cyclops falls victim while speaking at a Mutant Rights
Possible mind control of a hapless civilian into taking
the rap for assaulting another one of the X-men

Another brazen attack on Kitty
Pryde, cold-cocking her senseless
Attacking a disabled man who's just
trying to keep the peace. For shame.
All of the Brick's attacks on mutants have a few common threads.  First, only lone sleeper agents have perpetrated these attacks rather than the usual "walls" or "rubble."  Typically, they lie in wait in the middle of aggravated crowds and under cover of the crowd's chaos they launch themselves directly at their unsuspecting victims' heads.  It is believed that these cranial attacks are meant to cause brain damage and attempt to cause the most damage while risking the fewest possible members of their organization.  This marks an increase in attack efficiency of the Brick.

Elsewhere in the Marvel Universe:
Of course, the Brick's violent tendencies are not limited to Spider-man and the seemingly defenseless mutants.  They've also been spotted attacking other members of the Marvel universe.

Assault and possible Attempted Rape
Attacking a woman from behind leaves little to the imagination
in terms of motive.
Here a splinter group of "rubble" attacks Susan Storm from behind, cowardly attacking her with a cheap shot.  It is possible that th rubble was attempting some sort of deviant criminal activities, but no DNA evidence has been forthcoming in the case.

And Now...

Steve Rogers, the World's Top Cop
However, it appears that the Brick has set its anarchic sights a bit higher recently.  While images of this attack aren't quite in full detail, it appears the Brick is stepping up to a national threat level, seen here attempting to take out the former Captain America.

Assaulting a Police Officer
The Brick again uses its signature style of attack during a
televised interview

Once again, the Brick uses the guise of an Asgardian god of fear returning in order to perpetrate its crimes unpunished.  However, by assaulting a man with the Avengers at his disposal, has the Brick finally gone too far?  Will it finally be phased out of existence by new cement and steel constructions?  One can only hope that this longtime organization intent on pure evil will finally receive its righteous comeuppance soon.


  1. Clever little article based off of the brick meme started after One Moment in Time. I think you could have taken it farther and tied it into Ben Grimm if you tried.

  2. Let's not forget that the brick also has long standing ties with the Yancy St gang.

    Keeping that kind of company really speaks to the nature the brick's criminal nature.