Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three series to try out this Wednesday: Captain America and the Falcon #1, Emma #1, and Takio GN

Each Wednesday I'm going highlight three series that just aren't being given enough attention by my fellow readers in the hope that some of you will expand your horizons, pick up an issue (or book) and find a new favorite!

This week, we're recommending Captain America and the Falcon #1, Emma #1, and Takio.

Captain America and the Falcon #1
Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Rebekah Isaacs
Price: $3.99

Captain America and the Falcon is the first in a series of Cap-focused one-shots to be coming down the pipe in recent weeks.  This one in particular is quite exciting to me and hopefully, will make it exciting for you as well.  For one, we get treated to some typically beautiful Rebekah Isaacs art.  She's been on a roll lately and her recent work in the 12-Gauge series Magus was a huge selling point for that book.  Also, we get to see more Falcon.  I've always been a fan of the guy.  He's Cap's best friend and has the avian equivalent of Squirrel Girl's powers, but he manages to pull it off seriously and be a very engaging character.  I'm not very familiar with Rob Williams' work, but with the recent announcement that he's going to be the new lead writer on Daken: Dark Wolverine, this books should  serve as a nice preview of what type of writing to expect for fans of Wolverine's wayward son.

Emma #1
Writer: Nancy Butler
Artist: Janet Lee
Price: $3.99

Are you excited for Emma, the Marvel adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel?  Well, you should be.  Marvel's line of adaptations is very strong, especially their Wizard of Oz and Dark Tower series, and there is no reason to think this one should be any different.  However, the real treat is getting to see more Janet Lee art (No offense to Ms. Butler).  Lee, of Return of the Dapper Men fame, has one of the most unique art styles in the business and getting more sequential work out of here is always a visual treat.  Definitely give this one a try and if you haven't picked up Return of the Dapper Men, you are a horrible person and in need of rectifying that mistake immediately.  

Takio HC
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Michael Oeming
Price: $9.95 (96 pages)

Supposedly written as a cheerful to response to one of their darker Powers arcs, Bendis (Both father and daughter) and Oeming's Takio graphic novel arrives this Wednesday. It's an all-ages book surrounding a mixed family where the two daughters have superpowers and based on the preview pages, it looks to be a blast for readers of any age.  Bendis, who has shown great capability with writing children and teenage characters before in series such as Ultimate Spider-man, looks to be in top form here while Oeming's cartoony art is seemingly a perfect fit for the script.  Plus at only $10 for a original hardcover graphic novel, the value is impeccable.

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