Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IDW's "The Cape" makes sure to distance itself from the NBC show of the same name

In case you were unaware, NBC is currently airing a TV show title "The Cape" centered around a man adopting the persona of his son's favorite superhero and going through the motions to become a legitimate crimefighter in his own right.  I haven't seen past the first couple of episodes, but it was possibly the most campy show on television since the 60s Batman series.  Perhaps wisely, IDW has sought to distance its new miniseries with same title in its June solicits.  See below for the actual solicit.

The Cape: Legacy Edition

Joe Hill (w) • Zach Howard (a & c)
This special “Legacy Edition” reprint of the acclaimed, sold-out one-shot also contains the original prose story from which this was adapted, by writer Joe Hill, and marked up with writer Jason Ciaramella’s notes. And it leads directly into next month’s all-new The Cape miniseries!
FC • 48 pages • $5.99
Definitely NOT based on any TV show, this is the adaptation of Joe Hill’s beloved short story from 20th Century Ghosts!
Leads directly into an all-new The Cape miniseries by the same creative team!

Not sure if this is a swipe at the TV show or not, but I had a good chuckle at the fact that IDW (home to seemingly thousands of licensed comics) needed to make absolutely sure that its new miniseries had no ties to the TV show.  On a side note, what was with the solicits spoiling the last page reveal of this excellent book?

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